The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
About CFOT - A Tradition Of Giving

The founders of The Salvation Army were William and Catherine Booth. They were deeply committed to meeting the needs of the disadvantaged in 19th century England. Their vision led to the founding of The Salvation Army in 1865. Since that time, The Army has grown into one of the world's largest charitable organizations serving people and communities in 107 countries.

In The United States, The Salvation Army is organized into four major administrative centers. The College for Officer Training at Crestmont is located in the Western Territory, which includes the 13 western states.

Within the Western Territory, The Salvation Army operates hundreds of centers that provide services and programs such as youth centers, residential and day camps, education & tutoring programs, feeding of seniors and the homeless, low cost senior housing, day care centers, energy assistance programs, addiction treatment services, and vocational training. Officers are trained at Crestmont to give leadership to those programs and services.