The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
About CFOT - Ministry and Leadership

The strength of any army is its people! Operations of The Salvation Army are supervised by trained, commissioned officers. Members who subscribe to the doctrines of The Salvation Army are called soldiers. Some are employed by the Army in clerical, technical and professional roles. Many provide voluntary lay leadership of adult and youth programs and serve as local officers.

Just as preparation for battle is essential, training and development of current and future leaders is vital. The Salvation Army places high priority on the quality of its service, because we minister in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Today's Salvationists (officers and soldiers) find unlimited opportunities to serve and to live out the spiritual ministry they've been called to, winning people to Christ and creating genuine change in their lives.


The Salvation Army needs officers - people called by God into this unique life ministry.

All around you see faces filled with despair, hear conversations laced with frustration about circumstances. Do you find yourself wanting to do something to help? Do you ask yourself, 'can anyone really make a difference'?

The answer is a resounding yes! The Salvation Army has many opportunities for you to follow Christ, bringing His hope and light to a hurting world.

Across the United States and around the world, thousands of individuals just like you have found their place in ministry as officers in The Salvation Army. Men and women sold out to Christ, mission-minded and action-oriented, can find amazing fulfillment in full-time ministry as officers. The need for effective, servant-leaders is greater than ever. The opportunities for service as an officer are endless.

Salvation Army officership is...

  • Helping someone find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Providing meals for someone in need
  • Giving comfort to someone after a natural disaster
  • Teaching a child to read
  • Helping a teen or young adult discover God's plan for their life
  • Leading worship
  • Teaching a Sunday school class
  • Helping people discover more about God
  • Giving love unconditionally
  • Participating in community projects that provide a better life for many
  • Leading a community based and respected ministry organization
  • Providing joy for children and adults at Christmas time
  • Chatting with a shut-in
  • Visiting those in prison
  • Pointing someone to help for their addictive behaviors
  • Ministering to people of other cultures
  • Serving God in a foreign land
  • Helping to change lives
  • Participating in God's work
  • Being His hands, His feet, His heart in a hurting world

Each Salvation Army officer is called by God for a unique ministry. This calling may take many forms, but in all cases it is an inner conviction that it is God's plan for you to serve Him fully as an officer in The Salvation Army. He speaks through the Scriptures, through other people, through our circumstances and character and through the Holy Spirit. It is God who calls and then equips those who minister in this manner.

Men and women desiring to become Salvation Army officers must be born-again Christians, believe they are called to full-time ministry, be Salvation Army soldiers (members of the church) endorsed for officership and complete two years of training. They must be fully supportive of the ministry and doctrines of The Salvation Army. They must possess a sincere love for and understanding of people and be willing to work in demanding situations upon completion of their training.

Do you believe you have a call to officership?

Your corps officer can provide you with information, and assist you with the preparation and application process.