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CFOT Candidates - The Placement Test


  • What You Should Know
  • Why is the Accuplacer Placement Test Administered?
  • Accuplacer is administered to all incoming cadets (beginning the 2010 – 2011 academic year) to ensure academic success in English and mathematics, as these courses are foundational to virtually all of the other courses taken at CFOT. Testing ensures success by revealing each cadet’s skill level in English and Mathematics, then recommending course placements that correspond to the skill level. Using these placements, students will begin classes at a level where they are more likely to succeed.

    Computer Delivered Testing

    Accuplacer is a computer based test delivered via the Internet. No previous computer skills are needed to complete the test. All information is entered by using the mouse and/or keyboard and only a small amount of information is typed. A proctor will always be present to assist with problems that relate to test format or to computer usage. Proctors may not; however, answer any academic-related questions associated with the test.

    Adaptive Testing

    The Accuplacer test is an adaptive test. This means that the computer uses your answers to questions to determine the level of difficulty of each successive question asked. Using this technique, we can determine your skill level on each section of the test by asking relatively few questions. Once you have verified your answer, however, you cannot return to that question.