The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
CFOT Cadet Services

CFOT Cadet Services

Personnel Department

The Personnel Department consists of Officers and Employees dedicated to the well being of the Cadets and their families. We are here to offer Spiritual guidance, Pastoral care, encouragement, support, the occasional discipline, etc.

The Personnel Department consists of the following people and their positions:

Captain Neil Navarro - Director of Personnel

Captain Rubina Navarro - Director of Personnel

Major Lourdes Griffith - Personnel Officer

Ms. Alicia Cesario - Administrative Aide

Captain Cristian Sibaja - Personnel Officer

Captain Rebeca Sibaja - Personnel Officer

Ms. Julie Sutton - Counseling Coordinator (THQ, Officer Care and Development)

The life of the cadet at the College for Officer Training is based on the “whole person” concept. The cadet is not only an intelligent being, but one with spiritual, emotional, and social capabilities.

To help develop the emotional and social facets of cadet life, opportunities are provided for recreation in such sports as tennis, basketball and volleyball, and for socialization in such activities as picnics, session outings, and other similar activities.