The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
CFOT Cadet Services

Health and Wellness

The College for Officer Training is committed to the health and wellness of the cadets during their two-year training period. In addition to providing medical coverage and encouraging preventative medical visits to the doctor, opportunities are provided to improve the physical health of each cadet through the Cadet Wellness Program.

A well equipped fitness center is a favorite place to workout on one of the cardio machines or to move to the beat of a good exercise video. Our energetic fitness trainer is available for private or group consultations and leads fitness walking/running and circuit training groups. Cadets can track their progress by recording their fitness activity via the Presidential Fitness Program. Presidential Fitness certificates, medals and prizes are given at various point goals to encourage participation in an active lifestyle.

A variety of spontaneous grass roots activities occur that beckon cadets to get out and get moving; activities such as tennis lessons at the Peninsula Racquet Club, self defense classes, community 5K runs, friendly softball games, and workout groups.

For cadets who are determined to lose weight, Weight Watchers at Work is offered on campus for a minimal fee. A friendly cadet weight loss challenge within Crestmont and between two other U.S. Salvation Army Training schools promoted a change to a healthy culture within The Salvation Army.

Cold and flu prevention is vital at Crestmont with the H1N1 pandemic in 2009-2010. Precautions were taken to limit the spread of infectious agents within the campus population by implementing a pandemic flu plan, posting hand sanitizers around campus and reminding everyone to cover their cough, wash their hands frequently and to stay home 24 hours post fever.

Through educational opportunities such as the quarterly Community Life/Self Care seminars cadets learn ways to reduce stress, make healthy food choices, and how to handle conflict. The culture of The Salvation Army is in the process of becoming spiritually, physically, mentally, socially and emotionally well and healthy.