The Salvation Army College For Officer Training At Crestmont
CFOT Cadet Services - FCC Cadet Schedule and Curriculum


Q: How does my child get to and from school? Parents are assigned to take children to school using Family Care vans. FCC staff will pick them up in the afternoon.

Q: Can my child play in the school band or sing in the school choir? Yes they can, however school band is “zero period”. A van will be provided to you to get your child to school by 7:30. If they participate in an after school activity, you may use a family care van to pick them up.

Q: Can my child play AYSO Soccer or Club (soccer, volleyball, swim, etc)? Again, yes, however you will be responsible for drop off and pick up as these activities are not usually directly after school. Monday through Friday you may use an FCC van, on Saturdays you will need to rent a van. These extra costs should be considered in your budget, or you could have someone sponsor the child; ie grand parent, aunt or uncle.

Q: What should I budget for field trips and spending money? We do so many fun things that it is good to budget at least $10.00 per month, per child. However, as teens do they often will want to stop at 7-11 or the ice cream store on the way home on Friday afternoons, so you might also want to be prepared for that expense as well.

Q: What happens if my child gets in trouble at family Care or at School? If a child continually demonstrates unacceptable behavior here at the center, he or she will be removed from the group and given a “calming down” time. They will get to rejoin the group when the behavior has stopped. If the behavior continues and becomes disruptive to the class or center, the parent will be notified and asked to meet with the center staff involved to discuss recommendations to stop the unacceptable behavior. If a child gets in trouble at school, that will be dealt by their teachers and principals at school. Should they be suspended, they must be under the supervision of the parents, and are unable to participate in the FCC activities until the suspension period is over.

Q: My child has a special diet; will that be interrupted? Children are given snacks only here at the center. If there is a specific dietary concern, please let us know and we will give that information to their teacher here. They will be having lunch and dinners with you in most cases.

Q: My child has a routine; will that be affected? For infants and young walkers, staff will follow the routines that the parents share with us. As children get older, we tend to have specific schedules and routines in the Toddler and Preschool rooms.

Q: My Middle school child is very responsible; why des he need to attend family care? The FCC is responsible for picking up all of the children after school. Once they are in the center, you may sign them out and have them go home at that time. It is not uncommon for classroom instruction for cadets to be completed around the same time the middle school students return from school. If cadets are in class, their middle school student should be here in the center. Once they have been signed out of the center, they must return home to your supervision.

Q: My child has an IEP can we get extra help for her? At this time we have a part-time tutor on staff. We will make every effort to assist your student to complete the specifics of their IEP.

Q: Will my child be allowed to participate in Sunbeams or Adventure Corps? All Salvation Army Youth Programs are conducted at Crestmont. Cadets are assigned to lead these programs. Please bring with you any Records or Achievement Awards. You can ask for copies from your Corps Officer.

Q: Does my child take a school lunch? During the first 2 weeks of school sack lunches are provided to students while they wait for meal tickets to be distributed. After that the children will eat at the school cafeterias using their meal tickets.

Q: My child has never moved before, will she adjust to FCC? Children will adapt to most situations easily when parents are open and honest and loving when discussing and planning for the move. Once children are here we discuss moving and let them talk about their feeling and thoughts. If you have serious concerns about the move, you may want to speak to the FCC officer.

Q: My child has never had day care, what do you suggest? Talking and planning about coming to “school” for young children can lessen the anxiety that they will experience. Reading books and pretend play school can also help. If you are able to come visit and see the teachers, rooms, etc. before starting that is good too. Just remember, all children will experience some sort of “separation anxiety”. Our experienced caregivers will help them through the adjustment period with patience and love.