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Curriculum - Additional Resources

Click on the following links for additional information and help related to academic support services from off-campus Web sites. The Educational Specialist is also available for tutoring sessions and academic counseling on any of the following issues.

MLA/ Research Paper Support

›› MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers Web site (7th Edition)

If you already own a new copy of the MLA Handbook (seventh edition), you can establish your account for this site using the activation code on the inside back cover. The seventh edition combines a fully updated print volume with a complementary Web site.

Writing Center Resources

- Other online help from Writing Centers at other colleges and universities across the country:

›› The Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
›› The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
›› Trinity College Writing Center Online
›› The Writing Center at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill

ESL Support

- Other online help from Purdue University and an online dictionary:

›› ESL Support, Grammar, and Resources for ESL Students and Teachers
›› Writing for North American Business Audience
›› Writing in North American Higher Education
›› Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Academic & Learning Support

- Other online help from Learning Centers at other colleges and universities across the country and the College Board:

›› Academic Support Study Guides - Cuesta College
›› Ways to Become a Better Learner Handouts - Long Beach City College
›› Learning Support/ Study Skills Handouts - University of Houston
›› Study Skills - Self-Help Information - Virginia Tech
›› Learning Styles Inventory (Short & Free Online Test) - North Carolina State University
›› College Success - College Board
›› Boost Your Skills - College Board

ADHD/LD Support

- Online help and resources on ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and LD (Learning Disabilities):

›› National Resource Center on AD/HD
›› ADHD Student Handbook - Virginia Tech
›› For Adults – Learning Disabilities Association of America